Starts: July 30th
Feastday: August 8th

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The Fourteen Holy Helpers were a group of saints invoked with great fervor during the Black Death in Europe from 1346 to 1349.

These great saints individually were patrons and patronesses of various maladies, and each had developed a large and devoted following over the centuries. It was understandable, then, during the Plague that the faithful turned to their intercession before the throne of God.

While this feast was removed from the Roman calendar in 1969, the fourteen holy helpers remain saints of the Church, even if for some the historical evidence of their lives is scant.

Fourteen Holy Helpers Novena Image
Fourteen Holy Helpers Novena

The Holy Helpers are:

  • St. Achatius: May 8th — Headaches
  • St. Barbara: Dec. 4th — Fever — Sudden death
  • St. Blaise : Feb. 3rd — Ills of the throat
  • St. Catherine of Alexandria: Nov. 25th — Sudden death
  • St. Christopher: July 25th — Plagues — Sudden death
  • St. Cyriacus: Aug. 8th — Temptations
  • St. Denis: Oct. 9th — Headaches
  • St. Erasmus (Elmo): June 2nd — Abdominal maladies
  • St. Eustachius (Eustace): Sep. 20th — Family trouble
  • St. George: Apr. 23rd — Protection of domestic animals
  • St. Giles (Aegidius): Sep.1st — Plagues — Good Confession
  • St. Margaret of Antioch: July 20th — Safe childbirth
  • St. Pantaleone: July 27th — Physicians
  • St. Vitus (St. Guy):June 15th — Epilepsy

Novena Prayer (pray each day for nine days)

O Fourteen Holy Helpers, select friends of God, I honor thee as mighty intercessors, and come with filial confidence to thee in my needs, for the relief of which I have undertaken to make in this novena.

Help me by thy intercession to placate God’s divine and just wrath, which I have provoked by my many sins, and aid me in amending my life and doing penance.

Because you persevered till death, you gained the crown of eternal life.

Remember the dangers that surround us in this vale of tears, and intercede for us in all our needs and adversities.

(Mention your intention here)

Great princes of heaven, Holy Helpers, who sacrificed to God all your earthly possessions, wealth, preferment, and even life, and who now are crowned in heaven in the secure enjoyment of eternal bliss and glory, have compassion on me, a poor sinner in this vale of tears, and obtain for me from God, for Whom you gave up all things and Who loves you as His servants, the strength to bear patiently all the trials of this life, to overcome all temptations, and to persevere in God’s service to the end, that one day I too may be received into your company, to praise and glorify Him, the supreme Lord, Whose beatific vision you enjoy, and Whom you praise and glorify forever. Amen.

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