Facts about Pope St. John Paul II Novena
Feastday: October 22nd
Novena Starts: October 13th
Patron saint of Archdiocese of Kraków, World Youth Day (co-Patron), World Meeting of Families 2015 (co-Patron), Young Catholics, Families
Birth: May 18th, 1920
Death: April 2nd, 2005

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Pope St. John Paul II Novena Image
Pope St. John Paul II Novena

Pope St. John Paul II Novena Prayers

O Blessed Trinity, we thank you for having graced the Church with Saint John Paul II and for allowing the tenderness of your fatherly care, the glory of the Cross of Christ and the splendor of the Spirit of love to shine through him.

Day 1

Dear St. John Paul II, you told us: The future starts today, not tomorrow. So, as we start our nine days with you, thank you for reminding me that with God’s Help, I can start again, but I need to start now, not at some point in the future.

Your words are encouraging and motivating to me. Please be with me as I progress through these nine days in prayer with you.

Day 2

Dear John Paul, you told us: “I plead with you — never , ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.” With your help, I will not give up my hope, I will be persistent and unafraid.

Day 3

Dear St. John Paul, you told us: “Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very, very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence.”

What more can I say, but thank you for your confidence in me. Help me have complete faith in God. Stand with me at all times as my intercessor and spiritual guide until I get to Heaven.

Day 4

Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure. Dear St. John Paul, just like St. Paul who described his journey as a race, you tell me that life with Jesus is a wonderful adventure. Life is not a sprint for me, but rather a winding marathon with its curves and its ups and downs. Help me by being with me at all times as I struggle in this race toward Christ.

Day 5

Dear St. John Paul, you tell me: Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song. Let me be joyful on this wonderful adventure. Let me always have a true Christian joy in my path in life. Help me always be doing the Will of God in my life.

Day 6

Anything done for another is done for oneself. Dear John Paul, you tell us, just as Christ did, the Golden Rule. How simple it is to hear, yet so difficult, at times, to do. Be with me and help me see God in my neighbor, and in those I find unbearable.

Day 7

The goal and target of our life is He, the Christ who awaits us — each one singly and altogether — to lead us across the boundaries of time to the eternal embrace of the God who loves us.

Help me, dear St. John Paul to remember that God is the end-all. In every moment of my life, I need to be focused on my life with Christ, so that when my earthly life ends, my eternal life can begin with Jesus.

Day 8

People are made for happiness. Rightly, then, you thirst for happiness. Christ has the answer to this desire of yours. But He asks you to trust Him. True joy is a victory , something which cannot be obtained without a long and difficult struggle. Christ holds the secret of this victory.”

Dear St. John Paul II, once again, you in simple words tell us that God is our victorious Savior; nothing is more important life with Him.

Day 9

Your motto was Totus tuus, or Totally yours (of the Blessed Virgin Mary). Dear St. John Paul, the surest, straightest road to Christ is through His Mother. When I am lost in life’s brambles, ask Our Lady to come rescue me and bring me back to the road that Jesus wants me on. Teach me your love for Mary.

Concluding Prayer (to be said each day)

Our Father
Haily Mary
Glory Be
(Optional) Divine Mercy Chaplet

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Who Was Pope St. John Paul II?

Pope St. John Paul II was born Karol Wojtyla in 1920 in Poland. His mother died when he was a boy, and then as a late teen he faced the Nazi occupation of Poland.

In spite of the Nazis, he studied for the priesthood and was ordained in 1946. He went on to become auxiliary bishop of Krakow in 1958, and four years later was influential in the Second Vatican Council. In the 1960s he became Archbishop of Krakow then was elevated to the College of Cardinals.

After the surprising death of Pope John Paul I in 1978, Pope St. John Paul II was elected bishop of Rome, the first non-Italian pope in over 450 years.

JPII’s great love and wisdom inspired youth around the world. He tirelessly visited countless countries, bringing hope to people and spreading the Gospel of Christ.

He inaugurated World Youth Day, and every three years millions of young Catholics flock to the destination where the Pope leads them to go deeper in their faith.

Pope St. John Paul II died in April 2005.

(Credit for the prayers of this novena go to the JP2 Falcons and the John Paul II Training Center.)