How do I pray a Novena on a date other than the traditional start date?

It’s important to know that novenas can be prayed anytime you need them. While they have a traditional start date and feast date, you do not need to wait until then to invoke the power of a given Saint.

We try to make the app flexible by defaulting novenas and reminders to the traditional start dates for each respective novena. However, we know many of you would like to pray novenas at any time.

Local notification reminders

The app will allow you to start praying novenas on any day you choose. Simply start the novena, pray Day 1, and then the local notification reminders will kick in starting the next day if you gave the app permission to remind you.

Do you use the Calendar for reminders?

If you like to use the Add To Calendar feature you can also adjust the start date to your liking. Simply add the novena to your calendar, open your calendar app, find the first date of the novena calendar entry, and set the date to the desired day to get a helpful reminder. Unfortunately, the calendar app doesn’t give us full control over the time of the reminder but we like having it blocked out this way anyway.