The Devoted Coders Mission

Our mission is to help Catholics around the world become closer to their faith through the power of novena prayer.

Novenas are nine-day prayers, typically invoking the intercession of a saint, often for a particular intention.

Pray, the Catholic Novena App, is a mobile app that helps Catholics pray novenas. The app is available on the iOS and Android app stores.

It is simply the best mobile app for praying Catholic novenas with over 4,000 5-star reviews!

“This app is great. It has so many novenas but also keeps me on track by reminding me at the perfect time.” — Brandon, 5 star review

“Excellent & easy to use app. Has greatly helped me to more faithfully pray novenas on a regular basis.” — S’portCMH, 5 star review

Devin Rose, Catholic Evangelist

I’m a Catholic husband and father, a convert to the Faith from atheism by way of Evangelical Protestantism.

After becoming Catholic from Southern Baptist, I wrote two books to help others discover Catholicism: The Protestant’s Dilemma and Navigating the Tiber, both published by Catholic Answers.

These books have helped tens of thousands of Catholics lead their Protestant friends and family into the Church. (And not a few Protestants have secretly read the books and then by God’s grace entered full communion with the Catholic Church.)

In addition to writing, I have created online courses for helping Catholic men conquer pornography addiction, teaching Catholics how to practice mental prayer, and helping Catholics to defend their Catholic Faith.

I discovered novenas early on after becoming Catholic, and I started praying them regularly. Back then, holy cards, books, and websites were the only ways to find a novena to pray.

As you can sympathize with if you have prayed many novenas, I would sometimes forget which day of the novena I was on, or I would forget to pray entirely that day. Sometimes I persevere and complete the novena anyway, and sometimes I gave up praying that novena.

Because I am a software developer professionally, I decided to make a mobile app for praying novenas, since one thing computers are really good at is knowing what day it is and how many days you have prayed! And so, Pray the Catholic Novena App was born.

I partnered up with my friend and neighbor Chad to make the app, because he was a great iOS (Apple) developer, and because he had good aesthetic design sense (something I greatly lack!).

You can read more about us and our journey on the blog:

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The Pray Catholic Novenas app, and Lionheart Catholic, have been featured on many Catholic radio shows, podcasts, and trusted websites.

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