Hello! We’re Devin and Chad.

A year ago we set out to write a mobile app to help Catholics pray novenas — nine day prayers asking for the intercession of a saint — and the result was Pray: the Catholic Novena App.

We were overwhelmed with the response. In the first week we had thousands of users.

Requests for novenas began pouring in.

People loved the app. They appreciated its focused, intuitive design and flow, as well as the elegance of the overall look and feel.

Over the past six months since our launch, we’ve added many new novenas, features, and even introduced a patronage model. The app is free but users can become a patron to help us with the ongoing work of maintaining and improving the app.

The app is only on Apple devices: iPhones, iPads, iPods. But we had such a great response that we have hired a developer to port the app to Android, and we expect to launch on that platform in early 2017.

Our goal is to change the world through prayer. Specifically, through the prayers of the saints, that great cloud of witnesses that worship before the throne of God. Already thousands of Catholics and non-Catholics have joined us in this mission.

We at Devoted Coders invite you to join us as well.