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St Bernard of Clairvaux was a Cistercian abbot, mystic, and co-founder of the Knights Templar. He was gifted with miracles and is a Doctor of the Church.

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What did Saint Bernard of Clairvaux Found?

Bernard was born to a devout noble family in Burgundy, France in 1090 AD.

He was pious as a boy and gifted intellectually, and in college he chose to study theology and Sacred Scripture.

He entered the Cistercians, then a new institute that was a reform of the Benedictines, and he inspired brothers and friends to enter after him.

After taking vows, his superior recognized his sanctity and commissioned him to found a new monastery, which became known as the Abbey of Clairvaux.

He was widely recognized for his gifts and faith and was asked to become a bishop, but he declined each time.

He preached the second Crusade in France and Germany, encouraging many to embark on the holy mission. Unfortunately this Crusade ended in failure, not due to St Bernard, but due to the vices of some of the members of that Crusade.

St Bernard died on August 20th, 1153.

St Bernard of Clairvaux was canonized on January 18th, 1174 by Pope Alexander III.