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St Genevieve was a faithful French peasant woman whose prayers protected Paris from the invasion of Attila the Hun. She aided the poor and needy and offered penance to God throughout her life.

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What Is St Genevieve the Patron Saint Of?

Genevieve was born in Nanterre and moved to Paris after encountering St Germanus, Bishop of Auxerre, who prophesied that she would be a great saint, and led her into the local church to consecrate herself to God as a virgin.

St Germanus then gave her a medal emblazoned with a cross on it, which she wore around her neck always.

At age 15, she requested from the Bishop of Paris that she could become a nun, and also took on lifelong fasting and penances.

God gave her visions and worked healing miracles through her. Some believed, however, that she was evil and tried to kill her, but St Germanus stopped them and showed them that she was authentic.

Childeric was the pagan King of Gaul and had conquered Paris. St Genevieve gained his confidence and helped avert a terrible famine through her prayer and efforts.

St Genevieve similarly influenced King Clovis to be lenient with prisoners.

Attila the Hun was approaching Paris, and his terror went before him, panicking the people of Paris.

But St Genevieve exhorted them to stand firm, to not flee, to pray and offer penances, and by God’s grace, He diverted Attila aside and saved Paris.

St Genevieve died on January 3rd, 512.

Even after her death, in Heaven St Genevieve obtained miracles for Paris.

In 1129 AD, a plague of fever hit Paris, and the faithful carried St Genevieve’s shrine through the city, and all who touched it were healed and spared, and the plague stopped miraculously.