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Saint George was a soldier in the Praetorian Guard of the Roman army, martyred under Diocletian for refusing to renounce his Catholic Faith. He is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers and patron of England.

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What Is Saint George Famous For?

St George is referenced in historical writings of the fourth and fifth centuries.

Pope Gelasius said that St George was one of the saints whose names are justly reverenced among men, but whose actions are known only to God.

George was born to Catholic parents, a Roman officer father and a Greek mother from Lydda.

George entered Diocletian’s army and rose to the title of Tribunus.

Diocletian, persecuting the Christians, demanded that every Christian in his army worship the false gods, and St George refused.

Diocletian, respecting George’s father, tried to offer the young man a way out of execution, but George steadfastly refused to compromise his Catholic Faith.

So Diocletian ordered George to be tortured then executed.

On April 23rd, 303 AD, George was beheaded at Nicomedia’s city wall.

Legend has it that George fought a dragon, one that was attacking a town in modern-day Libya.

The pagan townsfolk offered a young woman as a sacrifice to the dragon so that they could draw water from the well it guarded.

They kept offering more and more young women by lot, until their princess was chosen.

George arrived and discovered this atrocity, and he fought the dragon himself, slaying it by the power of the Sign of the Cross.

The townspeople all converted to the Catholic Faith in response.

Feastday: April 23 Death: 303 Canonized: by Pope Gelasius I