How to use the family sharing subscription for the Pray Catholic Novenas App

The Pray Catholic Novenas mobile app has two main types of subscription: Canonization and Family Sharing.

Both subscriptions unlock all novenas in the app, so their functionality within the app is the same.

But the Family sharing plan let’s you share a single Pray app subscription with everyone in your “family.”

In both Apple and Android ecosystems, you can add up to five people to your “family,” and when you buy a Family subscription in the Pray app (or any other app), each person in your family gets to share the same subscription.

So if three people are in your family, and each uses the Pray app, instead of each person needing to buy an individual Canonization subscription, one person in the family could buy the Family sharing subscription to the Pray app, and then the other two people would automatically get full access to the Pray app, since all three share the same subscription. This saves you money.

To add people to your family:

For Apple devices:

For Android devices:

Note that each of you who use the app should make your own unique account within the Pray app using your personal email address so that your unique novenas are tracked individually: