About Our Lady of Graces Image

Our Lady of Graces is a title of the Virgin Mary given in gratitude for graces received through her intercession. In 1412, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a woman in Faenza, Italy, and was holding broken arrows that represented protection against God’s wrath and plagues.

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What is the story of Our Lady of Graces?

Padre Pio (St Pio of Pietrelcina) venerated the Virgin Mary from a young age, including under this title of Our Lady of Graces (Mary, Mother of Grace).

A painting of Our Lady of Graces is found on the wall and ceiling behind the altar of the church in San Giovanni Rotondo, St Pio’s home.

In the image, the infant Jesus is seen wanting to give us His mother’s milk, symbolizing grace.

Saint Padre Pio prayed this novena prayer daily at San Giovanni Rotondo.

Many Italian towns have Our Lady of Graces as their patroness, and thousands of paintings exist depicting her.